ORVSS 54 – Cincinnati, OH

November 13, 2024

Great American Ballpark
Home of the Cincinnati Reds

Call for Abstracts

One Page Abstract Due to Committee
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June 14th, 2024
July 2nd, 2024
Nov. 1st, 2024
Nov. 13th, 2024

Direct correspondence to:
Suraj Khadka, P.E.
Geotechnology LLC dba UES
1780 Carillon Blvd, Cincinnati, OH 45240
Phone: (513) 825-4350
Email: skhadka@teamues.com (preferred method of contact)

Civil Engineering Projects within Ohio River Valley and surrounding areas are significantly impacted by water. Geotechnical Engineers are constantly evaluating water-related problems on their projects based on the published theories of water related to Soil and Rock Mechanics. Research has been undertaken relative to the impact water has on strength, compressibility, permeability, scour potential, slope stability, vibrations, etc. Geotechnical Practitioners must apply the knowledge about the presence or absence of water to evaluate slope stability, bearing
capacities of shallow foundations, intermediate foundations (mats), and deep foundations piles, shafts, micropiles, etc.). Water control features such as dams, levees, etc. and waterfront developments require an assessment of water flow, erosive characteristics, corrosion, etc. to evaluate adequate strength parameters for the retaining features.

For this seminar, we are soliciting speakers who can provide geotechnical engineers, geologists, contractors, suppliers, and other practitioners an opportunity to share insights, knowledge, and experiences to continue the advancement of our professional field. Water is an everyday issue in geologic and engineering practice in and around the Ohio River Valley. The Geotechnical Group of the ASCE Cincinnati Section is issuing a Call for Abstracts with the emphasis on how water has to be evaluated and understood on geotechnical engineering projects. The 54th Annual Ohio River Valley Soils Seminar (ORVSS LIV) Presentation will focus on topics and case histories highlighting water’s impact in theory and practice on projects in and around the Ohio River Valley. Topics could include, but are not limited to theoretical soil mechanics, design, and construction related to water. Abstracts will be selected to be presented during the seminar with presentations to be distributed to attendees as part of the seminar proceedings.

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