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Dhaivat Patel, P.E.
Stantec Consulting Services
3052 Beaumont Centre Circle
Lexington, KY

Dhaivat is a licensed Civil Engineer for Stantec Consulting Services Inc. in Lexington, Kentucky. Dhaivat received his Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 2018 and Master of Science in Civil Engineering in 2019 from the University of Kentucky. His experience as a Civil Engineer includes analysis, design, and construction of marine engineering projects. His responsibilities as a Civil Engineer includes working with multi-disciplinary teams on various design and construction projects. He has served as a project manager for several geotechnical engineering reporting, analysis, and design projects. Dhaivat is also experienced in performing geotechnical field investigations, overseeing material testing, performing geotechnical stability analyses, technical reporting, and managing multi-disciplinary project teams throughout various phases of design. Dhaivat has been involved with KGEG since 2019 and recently led the planning of the 2022 Ohio River Valley Soils Seminar. He is excited to serve as the KGEG Chairperson and looks forward to engaging with the geotechnical professionals of Kentucky.


W. Robert Folsom, PE
Vector Engineers

Mr. W. Robert Folsom, PE, is the Chief Engineer for Vector Engineers.  During Rob Folsom’s 30 years as a geotechnical engineering consultant, he has served as the geotechnical engineer for waterfront and marines, retaining walls, and landslides.  Consulted on seismic issues for alluvial deposits.  During the 10 years prior to geotechnical consulting, Rob worked in the structural dynamics and material characterization group for the solid rocket motor industry.  As a Rocket Scientist, his projects included the analysis of solid rocket boosters to launch satellites, InterContinental missiles for defense, missiles launched from jets, and the Advance Solid Rocket Motor for the Space Shuttle.


Jude Hutchins, EIT
USACE Louisville

Mr. Jude Hutchins joined the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District as a co-op student in January 2018. Jude works in the Geotechnical Design Section and supports the geotechnical design and construction of large-scale navigation projects. He is also responsible for being the lead geotechnical design engineer on various military and civil works projects.

Jude earned both Bachelor of Science (2020) and Master of Engineering (2021) degrees in Civil Engineering from the University of Louisville. Jude resides in Bardstown, Kentucky.


Derek Donnelly, EIT
USACE Louisville

Derek is a Geotechnical Engineer with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Louisville District. Derek does geotechnical design work on a variety of projects including streambank erosion, levees, locks,  and dams. He graduated with his bachelor’s degree in 2022 and master’s degree in 2023, both in Civil Engineering from the University of Louisville. On his free time, he enjoys fishing and watching football.

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Sara Durr, EIT
USACE Louisville

Sara is a geotechnical engineer at the Army Corps of Engineers Louisville District. She serve in the Geotechnical Design Branch where we provide foundation, pavement, and earthwork recommendations for military construction and civil works projects. Sara recently graduated from the University of Louisville in May of 2023 (Go Cards!) and loves spending time with others, caring for her indoor plants, and smothering her family’s cats with affection.